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Gears Tactics: the Novel and Art

Book covers for "Gears of War: Bloodlines" and "Gears Tactics: The Art of the Game" against an ember-filled backdrop.

Get ready for Gears Tactics with the release of two key titles from Titan Books.

Follow Gabe Diaz through the Battle of Gatka Ridge, the brutal mission that defined his Pendulum Wars legacy, and see how his actions shaped Kait’s future. Written by Jason M. Hough, this is the official tie-in novel that brings together Gears 5 and Gears Tactics.

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Available April 21, pre-orders open via Titan Books.

Feast your eyes on the Sera of Gears Tactics. Accompanied by fascinating insight from the artists and developers, this book features the entire development process from sketches to final production art.

Visit Titan Books for more details and to pre-order.

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